Thursday, June 25, 2015

New content sites -- ArticleBunny, Blasting News, StringLancer

I'm not endorsing these, just listing them.  If you have any experience with any of them, please share in the comments below.


ArticleBunny -- This is a new pay-per-word site. Easy application process -- just take a quick grammar test.  I see a few things that may be red flags there, so proceed with caution.

front page / writer info & application


Blasting News -- Started in Europe and is now going worldwide.  Pay is according to the number of unique views an article receives in the first 30 days after publication.   For example, according to their slider (on the front page, under the "compensation" link), they pay 8 euros, which is equivalent to $8.96, for 1,000 unique page views. No application process -- just register.

front page


StringLancer -- Revenue-share site. Splits ad revenue 50/50 with writers. They sent an email blast to former writers, and in some ways the site looks like it wants to be another Helium. StringLancer is also plugging itself as a free portfolio site. No application process -- just register.

front page / register

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