Thursday, June 18, 2015

Update on Content Sites

I went through the list of sites I had previously written about on this blog, and checked out what was going on with them.  Here's the latest info (after the jump):

BlogMutt -- Still in business
Pay starts at $8 per 250+ word blog post -- if someone buys it. They say they have a 90% acceptance rate.
sign up/more info / site's front page

Bright Hub -- Closed to most freelancers
The site is still up and posting new content, but Bright Hub discontinued the revenue share program and locked out the freelancers in December 2011, saying they would be "contracting on an ad hoc basis with a small group of writers and editors, who will work closely with our in-house editorial team."

Bubblews -- Avoid
They ripped me off.  I had applied for a payment that was due, never received it, and then filed their "missing payment" form --  only to find out that they had simply decided not to issue missing payments for the time period that my payment fell into.

Bukisa -- No longer paying
They stopped paying in 2013. The site is still up, but it looks like it only contains archived articles.  I'm not seeing anything more recent than October, 2013, which is about the time they stopped paying.

CloudCrowd -- became CrowdSource -- Still in business
CloudCrowd merged with, or bought, or were bought by CrowdSource. I haven't signed up for the new platform, but from what I've heard, people seem to either love it or hate it. Writers and editors do bite-sized jobs, which they qualify for by taking tests and then by trying to get enough points to stay afloat in the elaborate point system. Pays frequently, but system can be frustrating.
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Constant Content -- Still in business
You can write on (almost) any topic you want, set your own price, and wait for someone to buy your completed work. Or you can get assignments for clients' specific requests.
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The Content Factory -- Still in business, but ....
I don't know if they are using freelance writers.
site's front page

CopyPress -- Still in business
They are taking on new freelancers for blog writing, general copywriting, and editing.
info on freelance opportunitiessite's front page

Demand Media Studios -- Still in business
They're still plugging along.  If you've been writing for content sites for a while, you've probably worked for them at some point.  They were the company that inspired the term "content farming." Now a bit leaner and meaner, payment per article is higher than it was in the beginning, but complaints about tough and/or arbitrary editing continue. If you are applying for the first time, be sure to emphasize your subject-matter expertise by listing all relevant experience, education, and certifications.
site's front page / apply

Epinions -- Not paying and closed to new content
This was the granddaddy of the user-contributor revenue share sites. It had been around since 1999, so when the writer's portion closed, it was the end of an era. The site itself is actually still there as a kind of archive, along with everyone's old reviews, but Epinions stopped accepting new reviews, stopped paying writers, and shut the writers out of the site in March 2014. Epinions was where I got started writing online, soon after it opened. Now I'm getting nostalgic.,,

Ghost Bloggers -- Still in business
They say you can set your own price, but suggest a price of 3.5 cents/word.
site's front page Closed
The revenue share website shut down completely in December 2014 after prolonged death throes, including a last-ditch attempt at a rebirth under a different format and name. Now a hardware manufacturer has snagged the domain name.

Helium Content Source -- Still in business
It looks like Content Source, the piece of Helium which produced custom content for clients, is still alive and being run by Helium's owner, RRD:
Content Source

HubPages -- Still in business
This large revenue share site was hit hard by Google Panda, but it's still there and still paying, though presumably not as much as before. It also bought out and partially absorbed Squidoo, another long-established revenue share site, in August 2014.
site's front page

iWriter -- Avoid
The pay is ridiculous, plus they charge writers to move up to a higher level! (Not going to link to them)

List My Five -- Still in business
A revenue share site that is still around.  I don't know how much they pay, though.
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Media Piston -- Closed
Almost all the sites that closed were revenue share sites, but Media Piston was an exception.  A custom content creation site (started, if I recall correctly, by oDesk, which is now Upwork), it did not last long, for whatever reason,

Scripted -- Still in business
And yet another site that gets both cheers and boos.
sign up / site's front page

Skyword -- Still in business
There have been a lot of changes, but Skyword is still around and still accepting new writers.
apply / site's front page

Textbroker -- Still in business
Another site that people tend to either love or hate. Writers can take jobs off of an open board, be on a writing "team," or get solo assignments. The pay is low, but the site welcomes beginners. I personally dislike Textbroker, but when I did a survey on this blog (in its former incarnation), Textbroker came up as the most frequently-used site..
site's front page

Webanswers -- Still in business
A minor-league revenue-share site that has been around for a while. It has a q-and-a format similar to Yahoo Answers.
more info / sign up

Wikio Experts -- Closed
Morphed into a site called Overblog.

WiseGeek -- Closed to new content
WiseGeek stopped accepting new content in January 2012. The site is still there, but it appears to be just an archive of old articles.

WriterAccess -- Still in business
Good site, in my opinion.  U.S. writers only.
apply / site's front page

Writers Domain -- Still in business
About a year ago, they changed their requirements and increased their pay.  They want a very specific type of blog post.. Another love-it-or-hate-it site.
site's front page / sign up

The Writers Network -- Closed

Yahoo! Voices (formerly Associated Content, and Yahoo! Contributor Network)  -- Closed
This site was huge and had been around for a long time, but eventually became another victim of Google's Panda.

Zerys Content Marketplace (aka Interact Media) -- Still in business
They are still around.  I've never worked for Zerys, but in the last incarnation of this blog, Zerys was the company that drew the most heated comments.  They pay well, by content-writing standards, but have alienated a lot of writers for various reasons.  So count this as another site which has both enthusiastic fans and disgruntled critics.
More info

So there you have it -- the latest news on the all the sites I used to write about, back in the Golden Age of content sites.  If you have any info to add, please leave a comment.

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link for Constant Content.


  1. There's Wordgigs, which hires infrequently but pays OK. Only problem is that the work is incredibly repetitive.

    1. I just now signed up, but the site says their sign-up is currently closed.

  2. eCopywriters paid pretty well for my bilingual skills about ten years ago....

  3. I've been a 4-star writer on Textbroker for years and have successfully submitted over 6,600 articles. They just rated my last 60 articles with 3-stars! They have very unpredictable editors who, unfortunately, provided the 3-star ratings even though the clients rated my articles I wrote for them as "perfect" and "the best I've ever gotten from Textbroker." Go figure!

    Thanks for this great list, which I will use to find alternative sites to write for.

  4. I was an active member of WebAnswers for several years. I see your review was posted a few months ago.

    There has been a long downhill slide since 2011, but things have changed drastically since Sept 2, 2015. The site has been mostly down and unreachable for weeks. Revenue is nearly zero for anyone who has commented. There are a lot of unresolved problems with the site and new member activity has dwindled to barely 35 new accounts per day on average for all of 2015. 30% of those are spam accounts. Compare that to the lifetime average of 362 per day and you can see there is a problem.

    Anyone looking to earn revenue would be wise to avoid the site. It is a waste of time and looks like it will not be around much longer.

  5. Just as an added update about WebAnswers
    Site is almost completely gone. All revenue ended for all members October 1. Google has deindexed more than 97% of the entire site and pages continue to vanish. Site is down much more than up, and even when up pages take minutes not seconds to load. Extensive problems with the site obviously beyond repair. Might as well mark this one closed and gone.
    Also noted that Bubblews has posted a final farewell/closed sign for all links. It is officially declared dead by the site owners.