Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 10 Lists of Freelance Writing Jobs for Writers Wanting to Expand Beyond Content Sites

At some point, you may want to leave the nest. Working for content sites is relatively easy. The sites find the clients, filter out the flakes, and handle all the hassles that go along with billing and collecting.  The trade-off is that the pay rates are usually lower than what you could get on your own. Also, if you are ghostwriting through content sites, it's hard to build up a portfolio.

The first question that comes up if you are expanding out of content sites is how to find your own clients.

The easiest way is to skim the "writers wanted" lists. If you are working for a content site that uses casting calls or teams, this will feel familiar. If you get nervous applying for a private-client gig, just imagine you were applying for a team or casting call at your regular site.

The ultimate goal is to have such a great online presence that clients will seek you out. Until then, you'll need to put in a lot of applications and pitches.

Here are 10 good places to look for freelance writing assignments that will help you find opportunities beyond the content sites. Make it a habit to skim the lists and send applications whenever your workload is light. Be patient. Many people see these job listings, so competition will be stiff, but persistence should pay off.  This is, in part, a number's game, so don't procrastinate on sending out applications when you see any gigs that look good.

1. Problogger

2. Facebook 4 Freelancers


4. Media Bistro -- Mostly brick-and-mortar jobs, but search on "freelance" in the keyword box

5. Write Jobs

6. All Indie Writers

7. FWJ

8. Writing Career

9. Absolute Write Water Cooler

10. Google "Write for Us" and "Writers Wanted" -- You might be surprised how many sites these searches will turn up.

Image: Brigitte Werner

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